About Us

Fine Oil is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business:

Fine Oil, incorporated in 1976, is a SDVOSB and is registered with the CCR. We are an authorized sales agent with pipeline and energy industry background. We recognized the need for a composite pipeline repair product that was both innovative and simple and provided the pipeline industry with state of the art technology.

Composite wrap repair solution helps pipeline integrity managers and civil structure engineers improve safety and protect the environment by maintaining infrastructure for less cost and longer life. Our customers look to us for help with their corrosion or mechanical damage problems when they are:

  • Plagued by wall erosion, dents, gouges and defects on their pipeline assets.
  • Under pressure to keep pipeline assets operational during their repair.
  • Overwhelmed by repair crew costs & tight schedules to meet regulated repair requirements.
  • Using weld sleeve repairs that are creating more problems than they solve.
  • Disappointed by composites you’ve seen because they require messy resin mixing or can’t apply to elbows etc.

Is it important for your company to shorten your pipeline repair time while continuing to deliver product without lots of special equipment and personnel? Are you looking for alternatives to replacing your assets? If any of these issues are important to you, we might be able to help you.

What is Aquawrap®? FineOilCo

  • For pipelines, Aquawrap® is a DOT compliant, simple and effective method of external pipeline repair and corrosion protection. In infrastructure, Aquawrap® is a simple, high strength durable means of reinforcing and protecting structure that might otherwise have to be replaced.
  • Aquawrap® has a history, with test data to back it up, repairing civil structures, refinery/facilities piping and transmission pipeline.
  • How does it work? After preparing the surface, tear open the mil-standard packaged roll of Aquawrap®. Apply plain water and start wrapping. Aquawrap® rolls can be spiraled so big axial repairs can be finished with as little as one roll.
  • Previously, pipeline operators were limited to choosing between replacing pipe or installing steel sleeves. A number of composite wraps entered the market as repair alternatives. This presented an opportunity for Aquawrap® to be introduced as a tested alternative in composite repair of pipelines and structures.
  • Vignette 4. Facility and Infrastructure Corrosion Prevention and Control – Sustainment (Repair and Maintenance)

Fine Oil is dedicated to providing the latest technology for the pipeline integrity industry. We offer solutions that maximize worker and public safety. We are providing decades of experience in advanced composite engineering with a current composite systems approach to corrosion remediation. It was determined that a number of improvements to the composite wrap could be made on the existing products. The result was the development of our standard Aquawrap®. Extensive amounts of supporting data and testing documentation is available in our Testing section. Please contact us for more details.